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The truest film about the subject.

Gays don’t want to be gay. They don’t want to be different. They want to live as kitschy and bourgeois as the average citizen. They long for a home where they can live with an honest and faithful friend in a cohabiting relationship. The ideal partner has to be clean, honest, and natural. A pure, lively boy. Kind and playful… like a German shepard.

Gays demand each other to be aesthetes,to care about their appearance. It makes them proud and distinguishes them from the rest. Condemned as sick and inferior by the bourgeoisie, they try to be even more like them,in order to wear away their feeling of guilt with an excessive amount of middle-class virtues.

They’re politically passive and conservative, in gratitude for not being beaten to death.

Gays are ashamed of their nature. For centuries, christian upbringing has taught them they’re nothing but pigs. Hence, they escape this dreadful reality into a romantic world of kitsch and ideals. They have glossy dreams about someone who’ll help them escape their daily hardships into a world of love and romance.

It’s not the homosexual who is perverse, but the situation in which he lives.

A homosexual relationship, as much as both partners want it, is doomed to fail. They hide like criminals,forced to start their relationships by having sex without foreplay. Pure sex ignores the partner’s individual needs. It merely serves as an object of one’s own lust. With a bit of luck, this condition is mutual. But it’s not enough to establish a satisfying relationship between two people.

Gays attempt to simulate a middle-class marriage. Instead of hating those responsible for their misfortune, they wish for a lifelong relationship  granted by church and state.

A middle-class marriage is based on the upbringing of children and the oppression of the wife. Gay marriage can’t be anything but a ridiculous imitation, as the lack of mutual duties is being replaced by a romantic and unrealistic love. That romantic and idolizing love is nothing but self-love. Most gays don’t realize that the love they feel is in fact self-love.The partner is seen as an idol of one’s own hopes and longings. They’re neither trying to understand nor pay attention to them. They even burden their partner with their own problems. Gay marriage fails due to the rivalry of two conceited men, who were raised not to follow their interests together, but as competitors. The lack of mutual duties, and the inability to get along,due to being self-centered, will soon lead to the tragic end of a romantic friendship. What remains is loneliness and a vast void, that will soon be cluttered with new imaginary and vain dreams.

The so-called “Pedagogical Eros”,with which older gays justify sleeping with young men, simply means an authoritative relationship of dependancy between a smart ass and a helpless, silly boy. Education and art, once dead serious leisure activities of the rich, are being gratefully received by gays as a getaway from their problems.

The popular belief that gays are artistically more gifted than others is, in fact, an old wives’ tale. They only engage so much in art, because they believe it makes their life more endurable. To them, art is shallow and ineffective, just like when Heydrich played the piano. As long as education and art are means of the rich and powerful to belie human and economical issues, they must be radically rejected. And as long as gays think they’re special, while they imitate the rich, they must be rejected as well. Upholding the oppression of homosexuals is especially crucial to rich gays. They welcome the helplesness of the oppressed, because it makes it easier to lure them into their beds. For gays, culture is a way to get to know each other.In a sultry atmosphere of overemphasized formalities, they soon drop all pretense. Being let down their whole life, many have become cold and cruel.

Homosexuals have a more ambitious urge for independence and success than others. hey know that at an old age, they won’t be loved for who they are.

It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives -  Rosa von Praunheim (1971)


Christopher Nolan, Interstellar

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Sick world with sick people showing their sickness as a prize